Why Us

Our Home Feels a lot cooler now.
Thanks to Ever Cool Tiles

At Sri Tiles and Blocks, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality construction products designed to meet your building needs with excellence. From our versatile selection of tiles that blend durability and style to our innovative cooling roof tiles engineered to create a comfortable indoor environment even in the harshest climates, we provide solutions that enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Our cover blocks ensure the structural integrity of your projects by safeguarding reinforcement bars and maintaining proper concrete cover, while our concrete solid and hollow blocks offer unparalleled strength and stability for a wide range of construction applications. With a commitment to superior quality and reliability, Sri Tiles and Blocks is your trusted partner for building materials that deliver outstanding performance and longevity.

Our Features

Explore the standout features of our products displayed in our Features segment.

Stain Free

The stain free surfaces promise lasting cleanliness and effortless maintenance & Fungus free.

Water Proof

Our waterproof solutions ensure lasting protection against moisture, enhancing durability.

Low Cost

It offers high-quality, low-cost solutions for affordable, efficient construction projects.

Heat Reduction

Innovative design minimizes heat absorption, ensuring comfortable living spaces.

Eco Friendly

Materials and manufacturing processes promote sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Easy Washable

Surfaces are effortlessly washable, simplifying maintenance for lasting cleanliness.

Energy Saver

Slash expenses, keep cool of A/C optimization without compromise. Cool Saver.

Anti Skidding

Enhance safety & prevent accidents with our reliable anti-skidding tiles for various surfaces and environments.